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Teamwork – “The sum of the parts”

Working with businesses of all shapes, sizes, & cultures, I always find it fascinating the “step change” you see in a business when you get people really working together as a team. Those that get it really right always seem to have some common characteristics that I...

Acquisitions – “Finding that perfect match”

Making the right choices is key, as it can either make or break your business. Get it right, & the futures very rosy, get it wrong and it can be very painful … The word on everyone’s lips at the moment in the broker market seems to be “Acquisitions” but why is it some...

Customer Experience is the “New Battleground”

Someone in the Insurance market asked me the other day, what does it take nowadays to deliver a “great customer experience”? That got me thinking about a number of things: How do I want to interact with my Insurers(s) & service providers? What would really meaningful...

Shaping your LinkedIn Profile to Stand out

What do people want to see in LinkedIn? If you look at the majority of LinkedIn profiles what do you see … a resume … packed with “historical information” – past roles, achievements education etc that never changes. Ok, there’s some merit to some of this, but think...

Getting started with Business Blogging for Marketing

The Benefits of Business Blogs for Marketing If the whole world of business blogging is a mystery to you, here’s a few thoughts to hopefully demystify what it is & make the case for why you should use blogging as a very cost effective marketing tactic. What is...

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