Working with a client recently I was asked what did I think is the key to motivating people. The business had a very clear commission structure, however the MD was struggling with engendering team spirit across the front-end teams.
I have been brought up in business to understand the simple fact is that all people are motivated to a degree, but it is up to the Leader to recognise whether their team is motivated by achieving targets they have been set, or by something else, something less tangible. Simple, trite even, but nonetheless true. Throwing money at people only works so far, assuming of course that there is fair pay for a fair’s day work to begin with and that targets are SMART!

The highest performing Global companies undergoing Business and Transformational Change are those whose leaders intrinsically recognise the motivational needs of their team, and reward by:

  • Appreciation – Thanking their staff sincerely and on a regular basis when appreciation is deserved
  • Recognition – Seeing and acknowledging what team members have achieved and contributed
  • Encouragement – Instilling confidence to their teams and individuals to be bold, to take calculated risks and not to be afraid of facing challenges that arise
  • Empowerment – Communicating openly with their teams and engaging them in decision making, whilst giving them the tools to achieve this
  • Delegation – Delegation is the key to the success of a team, and must be done in a supported, unambiguous and structured way – delegation is not abdication of responsibility. Effective delegation will free up the Leader’s time to focus on his/her own goals, and will develop more self-confidence in the delegates to achieve even more of their and their team’s goals

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Author Kate Mutter-Bowen