A prospective client called me recently with a bit of a conundrum.

Most of his Business Development Managers had missed their targets at the end of the first quarter of 2017 and yet they had all been through an expensively provided 5-day Residential Sales Training Course from an Internationally recognised Sales Training Company. Too often Sales Training for BDM’s in the General Insurance Sector is non- sector specific, it often focuses on general sales techniques, and generic sales skills, without understanding the true complexities of B2B selling in our quirky but beloved Insurance sector.

Sales Training courses major on the theoretical, and without real life instances, scenarios, and working with experienced Insurance Professionals, people will not gain value or their own self development, or impact your bottom line.
General Insurance Sales people do not learn by training alone, it is only where a robust coaching system has been wrapped around specific classroom learning that drives true results.
Did you know that 65% of Sales people who receive proactive and pragmatic coaching have better qualified pipelines, and deliver 35% higher win/conversion ratios than those who attend classroom training alone?
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Author Kate Mutter-Bowen