The variation in results and performance between the Top 100 Brokers or for that matter the circa 2,500 Independent Broking business in the UK are significant, but yet the key questions on their minds remain very similar.
There are five key challenges facing Brokers in the UK currently, namely:

  • How can I accelerate my growth? …
  • How do I evolve my proposition to meet the needs of a digital world? …
  • How can we drive efficiency and adaptability? …
  • How do I drive & accelerate Transformational Change in, & across, my business? …
  • Increasingly, how do I evolve & enhance my Technology & use of Data to win & succeed in a rapidly changing market? …

Hear what some of our clients say
about working with InteliHub

The common factors that successful brokers have, are that they have a clear picture of their customers and who they are targeting; they invest in marketing – typically digital marketing; they champion change in their business and they continually invest in growing and developing their staff.

We work with brokers to invest in their marketing, focusing on a strategic and segmented approach to targeting customers and improving the customer journey. We provide simple, practical advice that you can implement.

We are passionate about helping brokers grow.

If you’re a broker working with a panel of insurers, who wouldn’t like to show an end of year loss ratio with a vast improvement? At InteliHub we look at around five common pitfalls that many insurers and brokers fall into and aim to help raise your business up against these issues.

Hear from our broker customers

Don’t just listen to us, we have great feedback from our broker clients, such as this large regional broker in Northern Ireland:

“We were very impressed at how quickly InteliHub were able to look at our business and detect the areas that needed improving”

A Leading Scheme Specialist Top 50 Broker in London said:

’m delighted to be back working with Derek after so many years to help take Hamilton Fraser to the next stage in its evolution. To work with someone of his understanding of the market, and forward thinking approach to people and business, is most likely the missing link that Hamilton Fraser has been looking for to bring the various strands of our business together. If you want to challenge yourself and your business then I can’t think of anyone better”.

Another Regional Community Broker from the South West of England said:

“Our long term trusted relationship with the Directors of InteliHub makes a massive difference. It ensures staff participation as they are comfortable with the Directors, and we are also able to achieve more in the time given before they understand out business and the characteristics within it.

“They were very enthusiastic and insightful. It was a real pleasure to spend time with them and the sessions were enjoyable and really informative.”

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