Software and Data Companies

The UK software market is currently going through a period of unprecedented change. With new challenges arising such as:


  • The consolidation that we have seen in the broker market is now increasingly also happening in the software market …
  • New entrants – usually leading players in other global markets – are now entering the industry or are looking to increase their footprint in the UK …
  • Electronic trading is rapidly expanding into the Commercial Market – particularly in the VSME & SME space.
  • ‘True Cloud’ based solutions are increasingly replacing outdated legacy solutions
  • Propositions are moving from being product-based catalogues to customer and service-based offerings.

Hear what some of our clients say
about working with InteliHub …

It’s an exciting time no matter which industry you work in, and it’s a real step in the right direction. However, with the opportunities that the new age is throwing up, it’s also bringing in challenges for both software houses and customers looking for software houses.

We help software and data companies:

  • Identify which Brokers, Insurers and MGAs to target
  • Build a deep understanding of your target customers’ needs
  • Evolve your proposition and technology roadmap to meet your customers’ requirements.


We work right across the insurance landscape, from software houses to brokers, to insurers to MGAs and data companies. Whichever perspective you are looking at things from, we have a unique lens on the market to help you turn your challenges into opportunities and business growth.

Hear from our software house clients

But don’t just take it from us, here are some of the things our customers have had to say about working with InteliHub.

A Leading UK Software House:

“InteliHub are our first-choice trusted advisor for independent advice. It really helps if your consultant partner has a real grip on the culture and challenges of a business, something which they have really achieved by listening, sometimes a trait not always shown in the consultancy arena. 

”The support & guidance provided to our change programme has meant that we have achieved way more than we could have hoped for in a relatively short time frame. In addition to Derek and Kate’s market knowledge and awareness, they both have the necessary personable skills and capabilities to stimulate, guide and develop others at all levels.

”I have worked with various consultants over the years all with varying degrees of success. The most successful have always been when working with someone who truly understands the industry and Market you work in and isn’t just applying ‘generalised business process & methodology’. InteliHub demonstrated a true understanding of both”

“Along with the necessary skill set, contacts and industry insight Derek’s personality and drive make him the ideal Consultant in the Insurance Sector. He brings incredible motivation, discipline and professionalism to any Project as well as the right level of personable engagement, ensuring all involved input to the required level. I have now used Derek for many Projects across all aspects of General Insurance (as have my peers). If you and looking for an external Consultant to investigate, develop or validate any new or existing Strategy or process for you then, then I cannot recommend him highly enough.
From Project scope through to management, oversight and presentation of final delivery, I cannot fault him or his approach.”

We engaged Derek on an assignment to help myself and two Board colleagues prepare a “Go to Market” plan for a new proposition, towards the end of 2018. Despite a tight deadline, Derek was able to surface considerable market insight and was instrumental in shaping a multi-faceted plan that we have since been executing. His deep knowledge of our market was a key input and improved the plan immensely. I would not hesitate in recommending Derek, and am sure we will engage his services further in the future”.

“Normally I’m very wary of Business Consultants. They swoop in with preconceived ideas, write huge dossiers based on their fantasy of how things should be (rather than the messy reality of how they actually are!), produce unworkable plans which (when they inevitably swan off into the sunset) are then ignored by the shell shocked staff left behind and little changes as a result. Derek was the opposite. He got to grips with the situation quickly, produced and managed a workable plan of action which was based in reality and achievable. His work ethic and output were considerable to say the least and we made concrete, meaningful decisions and changes based on the results from the exercise. Highly recommended.”

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