It’s intriguing looking at the results of Insurers. The variation in results and performance between the Top 50 Insurers in the UK are significant, but yet the key questions on their minds remain very similar.

As you can appreciate, we have learned some real tricks of the trade in our many years within the insurance and broking industries, but to whet your appetite, why not look at a few of these examples of how we are helping businesses like yours:

Reducing your cost of acquisition

The landscape has really changed for both brokers and Insurers and the cost of acquisition is a real hot topic. There are some strong pointers indicating that some features of digital marketing, when used correctly can actually reduce your overall cost of acquisition and at the same time increase renewal retention and new business acquisition rates too.

Developing and deploying products – for less cost

When it comes to product deployment, we all want to ensure we stay at the profitable end of the scale. If you are considering launching or have already launched a new range of products or service, but the mark isn’t being hit, InteliHub can help. By advising on what we have seen work for other businesses whilst also looking at your own unique selling points, you can ensure every product launch strategy is perfectly planned and executed.


Improving your COR 

We all know COR is Loss Ratio + Commission Ratio + Expense Ratio, it might sound simple, but what are you doing about improving your results in the long term?

This is something almost every insurer we work with wants to do but sometimes Brokers might not see it as a ‘broker issue’ as well. Whether you are an insurer, MGA, schemes broker, or simply working with a panel of insurers, the very best in class work with their chosen insurers to jointly improve their COR.

As well as helping you ensure you are aware of your COR to show you businesses’ position, we help you work out what to do to show real improvement.



Hear from our insurance customers

Don’t just listen to us, we have great feedback from our insurance clients, such as this leading insurance company:

“We were very impressed with the overall service and response. InteliHub fully understood our brief and exceeded our expectations with their findings from the research. InteliHub’s engaging nature and broad network of contacts facilitated open discussions with other firms within the Financial Services industry, which provided an insight into how other firms and systems suppliers were responding to the IDD requirements. This has informed our own approach, particularly around requirements for Demands and Needs, IPIDs and CPD”.

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