The MGA market in the UK continues to grow at a rapid pace in the UK. In the past, some have dismissed MGA’s as being a passing ‘fad’ – however now more and more are emerging week by week. 

Some MGA’s thrive, however a good many disappear quickly. The common characterises of those who survive are:

  • Having a clear, defined strategy
  • Defining their target audience clearly
  • Having a clear focus on a specialist target, or a niche market
  • Having specialist knowledge and expertise in the markets that they focus on
  • Having a ‘thirst’ for quality dynamic data and the hunger to use it smartly.

We have personally been involved in building and selling an MGA from the ground up – so we know and understand the challenges and pit falls of the industry. This means we know the building blocks to put in place to get it right and succeed.

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