In a world where the pace of “Digital change” is exponentially increasing, it can be really hard for businesses to know how them transition from what they’ve only known to something new & different.

Why is that?

Well think of it this way:

  • Historically businesses have gone to one software provider for all of their needs. Why?
    • Because it was convenient
    • Because there was limited choice
    • Because they didnt know where to turn

Flip forward to today, & the world has radically changed forever.

 In what ways?

  •  Suppliers are many & varied
  • New entrants are disrupting markets
  • Data accessibility & transparency is opening up new opportunities
  • Timelines to transition to newer, better, more nimble technologies are dramatically reducing

So if there’s more choice, why is it that some businesses struggle to make this change?

Well there are a number of potential reasons which hold them back:

Firstly, change & business transformation can be hard for any business if you don’t know:

  • Where to start?
  • What great looks like?

Secondly, most businesses thinking is governed by what they experience within their Industry or Sector (Vertical Market)

Those that introduce meaningful & radical change:oExpand their thinking outside of their Industry or Sector

  • Explore what great looks like in other markets
  • Open their minds to what a world class digital Eco-System could look like

Often the hardest bit is getting started on what the art of the possible is.

Through intelligent use of API’s, integration of “best in class” Digital components, mean that you can now “switch in” & “switch out” the latest best in class technologies into your own customised Digital Eco-System.

Those that have already started to do this, are unlocking significant value.

If this feels like something you are ready to explore, we are help to help you:

  • Push your thinking
  • Explain what great could look like
  • Help you manage that transition

Author: Derek Findlayson