Great Customer Relationships begin with Great Data

In a world where customer expectations are spiralling upwards, Great Marketing & Great Data are increasingly becoming intertwined.
A rapidly growing percentage of marketeers are reliant on the insights from data to shape their marketing campaigns, but their challenge remains getting easy access to it.
And yet, the gap between the most successful marketeers & the rest, continues to widen … Why?

From what I can see, those that outperform the rest in their content marketing seem to have a few things in common:

  • A clear Content Strategy
  • Strong & easy to access in house data
  • Insightful or educational content
  • Targeted personalised content to different audiences such as demographics, personas, geos
  • A real focus on Customer Centricity & Customer Experience not just within marketing but across the business

Getting all these parts of the jigsaw aligned seems to be really making a difference in the fastest growing & best performing businesses. Is it an integral part of your business?

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Author Derek Findlayson