Being privileged to work with a range of great businesses across the Insurance sector, from Insurers, to brokers, to software houses, to MGA’s, we’re often asked “What do you mean by business intelligence?”
Today’s fast paced world has introduced a plethora of new buzz words that energise some, & strike fear into the hearts of others – from ‘forward” & ‘backward” KPI’s, to dynamic data, to big data, but for me what really matters is:

What information can you gather that will give you an insight into “How you can enhance your customer experience & through this your customer proposition”

Those businesses that put their customer journey at the heart of the business intelligence & insight they gather, tend to be:

  • The businesses that are at the forefront of innovation
  • Top Quartile when it comes to Customer Advocacy
  • Top Quartile when it comes to business results

Why is that?

Well, it’s pretty simple really, they’ve made that transition from focusing on management information to “what do you do with that information” & what new information & insight do you need to gather” (Business Intelligence).

Those that get this really right join the loop between:

  • Continuous Customer Feedback
  • Smart & insightful use of data
  • Thought Leadership based on real & meaningful insight
  • & Customer Centric experience based Innovation

That feels like a great environment to be part of to me whether your a customer or a member of the team.

Speak to us today if your interested in a fresh approach to using business intelligence & insight to enhance your Customer Experience.

Author Derek Findlayson