Our existing customers at InteliHub know that “Customer Advocacy” is something we’re really passionate about. For us it’s one of the cornerstones of any successful business & a real differentiator between the best businesses & the rest. Being privileged to work with a range of “fast growth” businesses both within & outside the Insurance market we see some common themes in those that are outperforming the rest:
  • A real “Clarity of Strategy & Business Planning” to bring it alive is a “cornerstone”.
  • A focus on developing & investing in talent underpins creating a great customer experience.
  • A continuous focus on innovation & driving & embedding change keeps you ahead of the competition.
  • Investing in developing & differentiating their proposition keeps them relevant to their evolving customer needs.
  • Using customer insight, data, & intelligence smartly is an increased & growing focus.
Blending these together in a way which drives & enhances Customer Advocacy & Experience consistently seems to be “pivotal” to outperforming the competition & a theme that sets the “best performers” apart from the rest. Those businesses that focus on their Customer experience & Customer Advocacy & get it right get some really “tangible” business benefits in return. Typically:
  • They attract customers to them.
  • They gain more referrals.
  • They achieve higher average spend per customer.
  • Through constantly looking for ways to evolve & improve their proposition, they tend to be more innovative & faster paced.
  • Great people want to work in businesses that are focused on creating a great customer experience, so they find it easier to “attract the best talent”.
  • Their businesses attract higher valuations when they choose to sell or restructure them.
Looking at the list above, as both a business owner & a customer myself, that feels like a good investment to me … Talk to us if you are interested in knowing more about our approach to helping businesses enhance their customer experience & customer advocacy. Author Derek Findlayson